Real Ales

Real Ale from Local Breweries

Here at the Tradesman’s Arms we pride ourselves on the quality of our Real Ales.  We also ensure that we sell locally-brewed real ale, in support of our local breweries.  We always have at least two to choose from and often feature a variety of guest ales.

Dartmoor Ales

Tradesman’s Arms House Ales:

We currently stock ales from Dartmoor Brewery, England’s highest brewery and located only a few miles away from the pub.

Dartmoor I.P.A (4% abv)

A highly drinkable, light golden coloured beer with a unique blend of English hops that combine to create a superb spicy apple and citrus fruit flavour, finished off with a crisp, refreshing aftertaste and subtle hop aroma.

Jail Ale (4.8% abv)

A full-bodied, deep golden brown beer, Jail Ale has a well-rounded flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste.

Current Guest Ale – Salcombe Brewery – Seahorse (4.4% abv)

Seahorse is an amber ale with a name reflecting that the Salcombe Ria is a haven for both British species of Seahorse. A sweet and smooth ale with a gentle spicy hop character, hints of burnt caramel and a smoked malty finish.

Next Guest Ale – Salcolmbe Brewery – Christmas Tide (4.8% abv)

Christmas Tide is a well-structured, malt driven beer. The crystal, chocolate and wheat malts bring warmth and body to the beer, ideal for a winters day. The plethora of hops build on the chocolatey malt base and add a bittersweet finish to this festive ale.